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What is a Veterinary Nurse?

Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) work alongside Veterinary Surgeons to help create a high standard of care for your pets. Under a Veterinary Surgeons direction, Veterinary nurses care for your pets whilst they are admitted to the practice. This can either be preparing them for a surgical procedure, making sure your pet is calm prior to an induction of anaesthesia or making sure that during an anaesthetic they are kept warm, pain free and most importantly asleep. Veterinary Nurses also play a very important role with sick patients - it is generally the Veterinary Nurse who will make sure they are comfortable, provided with prescribed medications and specially calculated nutrition for their illness, again all this is done under the direction of the Veterinary Surgeon. Veterinary Nurses are also able to assist with diagnostic tests and are able to perform minor surgery as long as they do not enter a body cavity.

Highfield Vets Registered Veterinary Nurses

In order for a nurse to call themselves an RVN they must undergo 3 years of college training and undertake an examination governed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), which covers both the theory and practical aspects of nursing. They will then be allowed to wear with pride the VN badge to say they have gained the qualification. Once qualified RVNs are expected to take part in continual professional development to ensure they are up to date on the latest techniques, and are expected to be liable for their own actions.

So if you are worried about your Kitty’s smelly breath or Fido seems to have put on a few pounds after all the Christmas treats then why not speak to one of our Veterinary Nurses. Nurses are an invaluable part of the team and may be able to provide you with support to help care for your pet. Please note our nurses are not diagnosticians, if your pet is ill they will need to see a vet. If the nurse is at all concerned with regards to your pet they will need to refer them to a Veterinary Surgeon.

Clinic Services FREE of charge

  • Weight Watcher clinics, have your pet weighed and dietary given on a regular basis.
  • After your pet has had any dental work at the practice we will offer you ongoing checks.
  • New kitten and puppy checks and advice.
  • Advice on preventative treatments such as worming and flea treatment.
  • Which product(s) would best suit your pet?
  • How often should they be given?

Highfield Vets Information

For a small charge the nurses also offer services
such as nail clipping and microchipping.

Grooming Parlour

Visit Pampered Pooch where a professional grooming awaits all types of dog.

Visit our in-house grooming parlour.

Pet Passport

We can supply a Pet Passport for your animal. Visit Defra for passport details.

Visit external website for Defra.

Cats Shelter

We are involved in several charities, including the Sheffield Cats Shelter.

Visit external website for Sheffield Cats Shelter.

Highfield Vets Own Branded Pet Food

We now stock our own Highfield Vets branded pet food for Cats and Dogs of all ages.
A variety of flavours and sizes and vet recommended.
You can BUY it at the surgery reception or ask for further details.

Natures Menu - raw pet food - now in the practice.

Natures Menu
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Sunday & Bank Holidays

10.00 am - 12.00 pm

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Emergency Veterinary Care Contact

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Offers and News
visit new Pampered Pooch Grooming Parlour
Puppy Vaccinations
Full course inc. a worm + flea treatment for £60. Or join our health plan for £20 and its all included!
Kitten Vaccinations
Full course (inc. leukaemia), microchip, worm and flea treatment for £68. Or join the php + just pay £10 for chip!
New Client Offer
We would love you to try our services so offer your first consultation with us for just £20.
Preventative Health Plan
Over 1400 cats and dogs have joined our plan and become "vip pets". Click on "Health Plan" link above for details.
Puppy offer for breeders
Get a first vaccination for a litter of puppies (£28/pup) and we will microchip those pups for free!
More blood tests in-house
We have upgraded our haematology machine & invested in an electrolyte analyser to offer more in-house blood tests
Refurbishments complete!
We now have more consulting rooms available so we have more appointments available at busy times.
Online Pet Food
ONLINE SHOP NOW OPEN. Diets from JamesWellbeloved, Hills, Burns, Iams, Burns etc available at up to 25% below RRP!
Practice/Vet of the year?
Highfields has been nominated for Petplan "Practice of the year" and Molly for Petplan "Vet of the year"!
Referral Appointments
Certificate holders in Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics and Cardiology are available for referral consultations.
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