Dog Castrations

Pre – operative information for Dog castration

Before the procedure we would ask you read this document carefully to give you (the owner) the information required for the elected procedure. Every surgical procedure that is undertaken carries associated risks and complications. Although rare, we want you to be fully informed before you proceed.

The procedure your dog will be having today is called a castration. This surgical procedure involves removing both testicles but leaving the scrotum in place. Once this procedure has been performed it cannot be reversed. Benefits to your dog include:

  1. Eliminate risk of testicular tumours
  2. Prevent unwanted pregnancies and may reduce the urge to roam
  3. May reduce the incidence of prostate problems in later life
  4. While castration doesn’t calm dogs down, it can reduce testosterone driven activities such as mounting behavior

Please read the following list of complications that can result from this procedure and ask a member of staff if you have any questions or concerns.  This list is not exhaustive. We will discharge your dog with a buster collar to been worn at all times which can help reduce the incidence of post-operative complications. Should a complication arise, owners are liable for the costs associated with the complication.

  1. Haemorrhage (bleeding) both during and after the procedure
  2. Wound infection or breakdown
  3. Bruising and swelling
  4. Seroma (pocket of fluid)
  5. Damage to the penis
  6. Suture material reaction
  7. Risk of injury on recovery post-operatively
  8. Anaesthetic complication including death

We take great precautions to minimise these risks to your pet.

Please ask a member of staff if you have any more queries.

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